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Aisha Ahmad Coaching

Hello, I’m Aisha, the young people’s confidence coach. I help teens and young adults struggling with stress and anxiety. They’re sick and tired of feeling stuck like this but they have no idea how to even begin to feel better.

I help them move forward and relieve their anxious minds so they can feel happier, calmer and in control.

Your teen’s anxiety

Often, it can seem that anxiety is a part of a person, with a will of its own, taking over, waiting to pounce indiscriminately.

An anxious person can feel constantly on edge, on guard, waiting for the anxiety to attack and feel at the mercy of their thoughts and emotions.

Your teen/young adult may be experiencing tense shoulders, a tightness in their throat and chest, a churning feeling at the pit of their stomach, a racing heart, constant thoughts swirling around their head, feelings of panic, anger, overwhelm, poor sleep and poor concentration.

How Aisha Ahmad Coaching can help your teen/young adult

As your teen/young adult’s confidence coach, I guide and support them to look at where they are in their life right now and help them take steps to get to where they want to be by showing them how to relieve the stress, worry, anxiety, panic attacks, or anger they are experiencing.

During our work together, your child will also have confidential, non-judgemental time and a safe, relaxing space all the while being supported by an ethical, qualified and experienced coach.


“Despite being a beautiful, popular and successful academic teen, my daughter had some anxiety issues with starting a new school and also had an issue with flying in aeroplanes. She wasn’t afraid to fly, but associated getting sick on the plane with flying. Every trip we took was getting be a very traumatic experience as my daughter would start the day of the flight by not eating or drinking, yet still getting ill on the plane, dehydrated and needing to get wheelchair assistance through the airport.


Finally my daughter saw Aisha who said that she should be able to help. We had a flight booked and after only 2 NLP coaching sessions I was so happy to see that my daughter had an event-free flight experience. She doesn’t like to talk about her sessions with Aisha but when we came home from our last holiday, my daughter said, ‘Mum, I’m cured.’ Thank you Aisha.”

F (Luton) 
F (Luton)

“Aisha is so easy to talk to. I went to see her hoping to find ways to feel less anxious, especially at school. She made me feel at ease right away and tried to find out exactly what I needed. Then she gave me things to do each week that would help. She’s given me some really useful techniques to help with stressful situations whenever I feel I need them. Now I feel more in control and know I can deal with anxious situations. I would definitely recommend Aisha to anyone who wants less stress and anxiety in their life.”

T (Age 15, Harpenden) 
T (Age 15, Harpenden)

“Thank you so much for all you have done for L… She really enjoyed working with you and has benefitted from it a great deal. You’ve taught her some really great skills that will stand her in good stead for life. Like I said before, it’s just a shame all children aren’t given those skills.”

J (Harpenden) 
J (Harpenden)

“I had some NLP sessions with Aisha when I was experiencing fear and anxiousness because I was getting teased by a couple of girls at school. I wanted to remove my fear and gain more confidence. I was a little nervous before the first session but Aisha was very sweet, sympathetic and I was very comfortable with her and it was easy for me to open up to her and tell her my situation.


After my sessions, I genuinely felt an overall sense of peace and calmness within me and I noticed I was talking about my situation without having an emotional reaction to it. I felt more positive and confident going to school after the coaching.”

C (age 15, London) 
C (age 15, London)

“It was really lovely working with you, you have a really calming approach and I really felt that I was in safe hands.”

K (Manchester) 
K  (Manchester)

Get in touch to find out how I can help 

For positive changes in your teen/young adult’s life, call/text or email me to arrange a FREE, confidential chat to discuss how I can help.

I am an accredited Master NLP Practitioner, NLP and Fusion Therapeutic Coach, Time Line Therapy Practitioner and teacher.  I am fully insured and have full DBS clearance

Disclaimer: Although I may use some counselling tools, I am not a counsellor. Sessions with Aisha Ahmad Coaching will not look in depth at the past but will be solution-focused and forward-moving. I am not a doctor or medical expert. My work is not intended to replace medicine prescribed by a doctor; it is complementary. If you have concerns about your health, then seek medical advice immediately.