When I looked out into my garden this morning and saw the autumn leaves strewn everywhere, I thought, “What a mess!” But less than a second later, I realised that this was a great opportunity to be in the moment:

Use this season to pick up a leaf with your child, and take a snapshot of it in your mind’s eye.

Examine the leaf – what colour is it? Is it a solid block of colour or does it blend from one into another?

Where are there elements of light and shade?  Lift the leaf up – does the sun shine through it? Are there any speckles? 

Trace the veins of the leaf with your fingers. How do they feel?  What does the leaf smell like? And so on.

This is a simple strategy to distract yourself or your child from their anxious thoughts and give them a bit of a break from ruminating. It also serves to stop them from strengthening the brain’s neural pathways with the same worrying or angry thoughts. Take advantage of nature’s free gifts today! 

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