Right now, all you want is for your teen/young adult to be happy.

If you could, you would do anything to take away their pain and alleviate the emotional turmoil that you and your family are going through. You want them to feel safe and protected but it seems like you’re hitting a brick wall with all the arguments, the tears, the long silences, and you just don’t seem to be able to say or do the right thing!

You just feel stuck and your fears and worries about your child are keeping you up at night.

‘Sound about right?

I have been where you and your teen are right now.

As a former anxiety sufferer, a teacher and mother, I understand the worry, frustration and heartache you’re experiencing.

I help families like yours with teens/young adults suffering from stress and anxiety to relieve their anxious minds so they can feel happier, calmer and in control.

If, as a child or even a young woman in my 20s, I’d had access to the emotional and practical support which I now offer my clients, I wouldn’t have suffered as I did for so many years.

I used to look around at others and wonder, “Why me?” and ask myself why other people couldn’t feel or understand that awful debilitating pain and fear that was always present in life. I even used to hold my tummy to control that washing machine-stuck-on-spin-cycle feeling; I used to wake up worried, not knowing why or what it was all about.

This was my life for many years. My anxiety would manifest in physical symptoms and feelings of distress . . . and this was just when things were fine in my life never mind when they were going wrong!  I just did not know how to “cheer up” or “be positive,” as people kept on telling me.

However, the good news is that you are NOT alone. 

Like me, your teen/young adult too can break free from such tremendous pain.

I have undertaken years of training and qualifications to be able to deliver effective confidence coaching sessions.

It is my mission to help your child unravel themselves from the grip of the worry monster that is anxiety.

Extremely powerful coaching tools and techniques will help your teen/young adult navigate through their crippling anxiety, lack of confidence and the tremendous emotional and associated physical pain.

Your teen/young adult will be empowered to easily get into a confident and resourceful state whenever they want, not being controlled but instead taking control and being able to become unstuck from their negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

They will also:

Worry less

Feel more calm and confident

Sleep better 

Handle negative moods more effectively

Make better choices

Have better relationships

 Feel hopeful about the future

Move forward with their life