I was working with a really anxious student the other day and, understandably, she couldn’t focus on her work, so I taught her some breathing techniques and did a NLP process with her.

As we finished off our time together, I taught her a mindful hand massage technique which I’ve learned from my yoga teacher.

Whilst it was simply fun for her to do, I also explained a bit about how, according to classic Chinese medicine, each of our fingers contains map of reflexes to our nerve endings and each finger affects a meridian (an invisible energy pathway running through our body). Massage can improve any ‘blocks’ to the energy and so positively impact us physically and mentally.

I explained how to use the hand cream she had in her blazer pocket to massage the inside of her hand in circular motions starting from the palm, and going up and down her fingers, one by one, with a firm-ish pressure.

She then worked her way around the back of her hand, slowly and carefully, taking time to notice the temperature of her hands, and the marks and lines and vein she could see.

Sarah (not her real name) said she found it very soothing, both emotionally but also physically because she’d aggravated the skin on her knuckles by all the hand-rubbing she does when she’s anxious on a somewhat daily basis, bless her!

We always have our hands with us, so take some time out to enjoy a mindful hand massage with your child (you could even extend the exercise to your feet).

Let me know how it goes!

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