Mindfulness classes 

This is a chance for adults to take time for themselves


rest, relax and recharge.

Ever heard of the saying,”You can’t pour from an empty cup?” Well, this is a chance to do something for yourself, such as learning ways to relax and take care of your own well-being, and as a result, you will be better able to take care of others. 

At the end of the first session, you will receive a FREE mindfulness booklet to use for yourself and with friends/family. 

So come along, make new friends and take some well-deserved time for yourself. 

Remember, self-care is a necessity!


What a mindfulness class involves:

Each session will be based around the needs of the group. However, as a general format, a mindfulness session will have:

  • a topic or theme of the week/month
  • 1 or 2 mindfulness practice meditations
  • some talk and exercises involving mindful listening and experiencing how we can use mindfulness in our everyday lives.

You will be able to take away ideas and tools that I share with you to practise during the rest of the week from the very first session.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is mindfulness?

According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer of mindfulness, “Mindfulness is awareness, cultivated by paying attention in a sustained and particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

How will mindfulness benefit me?

Studies attribute a numerous range of benefits to mindfulness. Some of these include:

Reduced stress; physical well-being; mental well-being; improved memory and concentration; increased resilience; better relationships with oneself and others; better sleep; better decision-making; lowered blood pressure; healthier brains…

Where are sessions held?

The classes are held at Putteridge High School, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 8HJ, every Thursday evening from 7 to 8pm.

How much do mindfulness classes cost?

Mindfulness classes are £8 per session or £35 for block bookings of 5 weeks.

Classes MUST booked in advance and paid via PayPal so I know to expect you and can prepare the classes to serve your needs.

Bring a friend for FREE to the 1st session.

How do I sign up for a mindfulness class?

To book your place on the class, please email: aisha@aishaahmadcoaching.com
OR call/text me on: 07890 282 649 OR fill in the sign-up sheet on the Contact page of this website.


“I taught my brother some of the breathing techniques I learned from Aisha. He’s been suffering from anger issues for some time now and is on the verge of being expelled from school. The breathing exercises have really helped him calm his anger.”

L (Hemel Hempstead) 
L (Hemel Hempstead)

“Thank you so much for teaching us the ‘petal practice’ in the class the other day! It came in handy when I went on a long car journey and started to feel anxious…I remembered what you told us and put my hand out and started to breathe. Once I did this for a few breaths, my nerves and chest started to feel a lot better. Thanks!”

Jan (Luton) 
Jan (Luton)

“Aisha has delivered lessons and in-staff training workshops where she illustrated the excellent skills and qualities required in teaching young adults and her peers. She was extremely confident and effective in using her NLP knowledge and skills in helping out colleagues who were suffering from anxiety and stress.”

O (Luton) 
O (Luton)

“Aisha is a talented coach who effectively uses her skills including NLP to support transformation for her clients. I would not hesitate in recommending her!”

J (Manchester) 
J (Manchester)

Would you like to book a place on a mindfulness class?

Call/text me on 07890 282 649 or email aisha@aishaahmadcoaching.com to book your place.