Become a Super Speller

 Coaching Program

• Are you worried about your child’s spelling?
• Do you wish your child could do better in spelling tests?
• Is he/she feeling frustrated, anxious or overwhelmed at school? 

This 6 week one-to-one coaching program combines NLP processes with a range of learning strategies to enable students to quickly become absolutely SUPER spellers and to eliminate anxieties around learning and other areas of their life.

I can help with that special ‘something’ that will help boost your child’s marks, confidence and self-esteem!

The NLP visual Spelling Strategy is one of the simple strategies I can teach your child on the Become a Super Speller Program. It is easy to master and has powerful results. It works with poor spellers, people with dyslexia and anyone who wants to spell better.

Combining nearly 20 years of English teaching with NLP and coaching, mindfulness and Time Line Therapy™ techniques, I help students access the skills to think in new ways so that they feel in control.

The overall result?

Happier, more confident children, doing better at school.

This is English tuition with a difference!

With guidance and practice on the Become a Super Speller Program, your child will be able to quickly and easily access skills enabling him/her to become a better speller.

As an added bonus, other aspects of his/her Literacy such as reading speed and comprehension can also improve, so that your child begins to write with more success.

While traditional spelling methods such as phonics have their place, they have limitations. Think about it: even the word ‘phonics’ isn’t spelled phonetically! Many people aren’t great spellers but they could be if they knew how to spell visually rather than phonically; it’s just a matter of using the right internal strategy (studies have also shown this technique helping children to learn their times tables and improve their memorisation of important information).


What this program involves


  • A short, initial questionnaire for you and your child
  • A detailed assessment of your child’s needs in the first session
  • 6 one-to-one coaching sessions learning and practising an amazing NLP spelling strategy which will blow your mind!
  • Interim and follow-up support for you and your child
  • Online sessions if you can’t come to my base.




Frequently Asked Questions

How is learning with NLP much more effective for students than other methods?

First of all, let me explain what NLP is: This stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. ‘Neuro’ relates to the brain and what we think; ‘linguistic’ refers to what we say by way of our words and body language, and ‘programming’ describes the patterns and habits we have created and learned.

In short, our brains are like computers, which sometimes run programs that don’t give us our desired results. NLP is a model which helps us reprogram these thoughts and behaviours which may (or may not) have once worked for us.

How do students benefit from the Become a Super Speller Program?

For maximum impact, we need to look at your child’s learning holistically, combining deciphering their learning strategies with what’s going on in their mind. As the tutor and Coach on the Become a Super Speller Program, I work with your child to assess his/her spelling and reading and writing and offer smarter solutions to improve his/her literacy.

The NLP spelling strategy works immediately and you will be amazed by the dramatic improvement in your child’s ability to spell!

And if there are underlying issues such as anxiety, worries or limiting beliefs affecting your child’s learning (which you/they may not even be aware of at first), we will work on his/her mindset to challenge these unhelpful generalisations about his/her abilities and replace these negative patterns or emotional blocks with more resourceful, empowering learning states.

I so wish I had known about NLP earlier on in my life when I suffered from anxiety and didn’t feel good enough. Although an academic and able student, I was a perfectionist and suffered crippling anxiety and complete lack of confidence. I just did not know how to “cheer up” or “be positive” (!) as people kept telling me.

Had I been taught then the tools and techniques I have now learned and trained in, I could have saved myself from tremendous emotional and associated physical pain. Little did I know then that by using simple NLP techniques, I could get into a confident and resourceful state easily whenever I wanted!

And now, as a parent and a teacher with 20 years’ experience, I feel it certainly would have helped alleviate some major worries about my own children’s academic and emotional development when they were younger.

That’s why I want to help students everywhere optimise their learning experience and recognise their true potential.

Will this program work for my child?

Yes. As long as you and your child are committed to making some positive changes in your life, your child will benefit. You will see results from the very first session!

What is included?

As part of the coaching package, you get:

  • Personally tailored sessions
  • Text/email support between sessions
  • Further suggested exercises and resources to help speed up your child’s progress
  • If your child is experiencing any underlying issues such as anxiety or worry (which they might not even be aware of at first), we will work on his/her mindset to challenge these unhelpful generalisations about his/her abilities and replace these negative patterns or emotional blocks with more resourceful, empowering learning states.
Where are sessions held?

 Face-to-face sessions are held at my base in Luton, Bedfordshire, or online via Skype, Zoom, FB Messenger or Whatsapp video calls.

What is the investment?

The investment in this amazing 6 week Become a Super Speller program is £375 and includes a detailed assessment of your child’s needs in the first session, as well as interim and follow-up support. 

“Aisha is great; she’s compassionate and has many years of experience. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

S (Cambridge) 
S (Cambridge)

“Aisha has been a massive help to my daughter. Her calm approach made my daughter very relaxed and eager to learn. Would definitely recommend.”

D (Mum of 12 year old student from London) 
D (Mum of 12 year old student from London)

“Aisha was one of our guest experts during one of our master classes in the Raising Successful Children Hub, where she was interviewed about her ‘Become a Super Speller Program’ and gave parents NLP tips and strategies to support their children. I will highly recommend Aisha.”

Shola Alabi Raising Successful Children Hub (London)
Shola Alabi

“We can’t thank you enough.  _ _ _ _ _  has done so well and could not have achieved what she has without your help and guidance.”  

C (Mum of 10 year old student from Bedfordshire) 
C (Mum of 10 year old student from Bedfordshire)

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